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Maintenance, Support & Optimization Services

To ensure long pump lifetime, low down time and minimized maintenance and operation costs, it is important that pumps are installed and aligned properly. The Rotaserve service department takes care of all pump installation activities. The team consists of highly skilled service engineers, who have all the required knowledge and experience at hand. Furthermore, they are widely qualified for on-site jobs and API pumps for instance.

In addition, Rotaserve can do a wide range of pump service jobs, including aligning and balancing, on-site inspection and preventive and corrective maintenance. Do you have an old pump in your system that you consider replacing for a completely new one? Please contact Rotaserve, as they have many possibilities for overhauling old and damaged pumps, instead of replacing them entirely. Parts can be repaired and restored to its original new condition. They can also supply spare parts directly from stock or reproduce specific parts, even for old discontinued pump types. Rotaserve can even perform pump upgrades if you need increased capacity or efficiency for instance. This can be achieved by replacing parts or by creating a completely new custom hydraulic design. Rotaserve gets your old pumps up and running again!

Diagnostic & consulting services

Rotaserve provides energy scans & on-site inspections and monitoring services

Maintenance & support services

Fast Track spare parts, on-site service, workshops, preventive & corrective maintenance

Technical & economical optimization

Rotaserve provides upgrades, modifications and services to optimize hydraulic performance and increase reliability.

Total cost of ownership

Frequently asked questions

What has Rotaserve to do with Rodelta?

Rodelta Pumps International is the OEM for Rotaserve in case of pumps. Rodelta can deliver API and non-API pumps. Rodelta Pumps International has a team of hydraulic and mechanical specialists who can assist with any pump related problem.

I have a pump which is part of an existing building. Is it possible to increase the capacity?

In most of the situations we can say yes. Rotaserve is specialized in engineered pump solutions. Where other companies would advise to build a new pumping station, Rotaserve can create a tailor-made solution for the existing building. This can yield major savings for you as a customer. Please ask for more information

Can Rotaserve also supply fish friendly pumps?

Yes, we can.

Did you now that one of the people who created the foundation for the official NEN norm for fish friendliness is working at Rodelta? “Our partner company”. Please contact us so we can arrange a meeting with Mr. Ph.D. L. Krakers to advice you about the possibilities.

Is Rotaserve a Dutch company?

Yes, we are a Dutch company and operate as an independent establishment. Besides this, we are part of the Kirloskar group, which gives us the possibility to rely on Kirloskar for big projects when the customer wants to have additional financial guarantees.


Can Rotaserve supply spare parts for more than 30-year-old pumps?

As Rotaserve we can naturally supply spare parts for most of our pump partners. Please contact our sales department. Despite the very long lifetime of our pumps we recommend you to have some spare parts in the length of time.

Do you still have a question?

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Contact Rotaserve and we will try to awnser all your questions.

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