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TCO on pumps (total cost of ownership)

TCO on pumps (total cost of ownership)

As a responsible organization, we feel that energy usage and its repercussions on the environment must play a prominent role in economic decisions. However, in the world of pumping the total cost of ownership of a pump function is often still in its infancy.

Customers usually look for low initial i.e. capital costs, rather than life cycle cost. In order to save on the total cost of ownership, Rotaserve not only focuses on lowering the capital cost of its systems, but also on reducing operating and maintenance costs. With this approach, we are able to achieve significant savings for our customers and work indirectly on a better environment.


7 parameters to keep in mind at total cost of ownership.

  • Application  – Selection of a pump type that is best suitable for the system (problem free operation on all working points)
  • Efficiency  –Selection of the best possible pump efficiency for energy cost reduction
  • Specific Speed – Hydraulically optimized selection for cavitation free operation in the system (reduce of life cycle costs and low noise and vibration levels)
  • Maintenance – Lower cost to keep the pump up and running
  • Downtime – Production downtime for maintenance
  • Quality – Pump life-time, user friendliness and parts support cycle
  • Building Cost – Cost reduction by selection of pump system (reduction on m3 in pump station cost)

Gambling with 3 wheels is already a challenge, imagine what 7 will be!

Don’t gamble with your total cost of ownership.
The right combination of parameters leads to significant savings.
Rotaserve likes to be a partner in helping you to find the winning combination for your system.

Rotaserve: more than just maintenance.

A distinctive vision

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