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Benefits of CVP and pre-fab

For years, concrete volute pumps (CVP) have been a proven configuration in the Netherlands. The first concrete volute pump was built in 1935 and is still in good condition. The big advantage of concrete volute pumps is that there are almost no maintenance costs on the volute part. In addition, the concrete construction ensures a very solid foundation of the pumps and contributes to low vibration and noise levels. The construction of concrete volute pumps can be carried out in two ways: pouring the pump volute on-site, or using prefab volute components that can be placed within one day.

The chosen method is often dependent on the customer’s preference. In countries where labor costs and construction time are not a major factor, one can choose the first option. However, pouring the concrete requires proper guidance, in order to guarantee the shape of the volute and the quality of the concrete cast. Another disadvantage to this first concept is that a contractor who builds the building often has no knowledge of pumps and therefore does not want to be held responsible for the volute shape and position. Also, a situation with multiple parties on the work floor in a construction process is not desirable, as this often contributes to waiting hours for the other parties in the consortium.

The mentioned disadvantages have led to the development of a method that overcomes these problems. The result is a construction method, using prefab volute components. By using prefabricated components, the pump supplier can guarantee the correct volute shape and surface quality, as well as the quality of the concrete. Installing the volute elements takes about one or two days on average. This also prevents the issue of multiple parties on the job site, because the placement time is virtually negligible.

Pre-fabricated volute from Concrete

The volute of a pre-fab concrete volute pump (CVP) is made out of 2 or 4 prefab concrete parts. And ensure a fast construction lead time

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